Monday, March 22, 2010

My 10 Favorite Things About Moving

10) The kids find toys that have been in storage for 5 months - it is like Christmas

9) You find clothes that were accidentally placed in storage for 5 months - it is like Christmas

8) Throwing stuff out just because you get so tired of moving things you haven't actually used for years

7) "Accidentally" breaking things during the move that your spouse had previously refused to part with

6) Finding lots of change - Starbucks/Angela's Cafe fund is rejuvenated for at least a day and a half

5) Eating lots of junk food (all food prep equipment is in a box you cannot find)

4) The youngest kids actually go an entire day without whining and crying because the living room is temporarily turned into a jungle gym of boxes and out-of-place furniture in which they climb around and get lost

3) Finding old pictures of yourself from college and not knowing whether you should laugh or cry

2) Trying to create a clever argument as to why the mirror with the black frame needs to go even though it belonged to your spouse's grandmother ("accidentally" breaking this piece is not an option because you've been trying to get rid of it for years and your spouse would see right through an "accident" such as this)

1) Realizing the outlet plug on your clothes dryer actually fits the dryer outlet in the house


  1. good stuff.
    glad to be "back" to the blog world.
    dinner with our families will happen at some point i assure you!

  2. hey...before the mirror is 'accidently' broken & you wanna (give?) get rid of it, let me know! :)