Friday, March 26, 2010

Stories Are The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

I'd like to start today off with a video recommendation - if you like sports, or even if you just like funny, you've got to see a special production by Carson, this video (yes, he's just as famous as Prince or Madonna because we can now refer to him by ONE NAME ONLY - CARSON), about a Philadelphia sports fan who, even after attending over 20 sporting events, has yet to see a Philly team win . . . (wow talk about run-on sentence) . . .

Now on to the promised introduction I talked about yesterday - an organization that harnesses the most powerful element in the universe. The organization is "7 Women, 7 Stories". It was founded by Anne Beiler (founder of Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels) after she published her story in the book "Twist of Faith" and discovered the freedom that comes when you embrace, and share, your story.

The most powerful element in the world? No, it's not plutonium or baked beans or that little pen the president uses to sign stuff into laws. The most powerful element in the world is story. It's story, folks!

Tell yours.

And check out 7 Women, 7 Stories to find out more.

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